July 5th, 2018: Glacci // Aesthetic Kid // ONHELL


Circuit System presents a night of forward-thinking music and futuristic beats. We're excited to bring you the San Diego debuts of UK-based artists Glacci and Aesthetic Kid, as well as California native ONHELL.


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(Terrorhythm) UK

Having spent the past few years carving a path for his sound, Glacci has delivered tracks awash with energy, colour and emotion in his trademark fashion which is both cinematic in it's approach yet never far away from the dancefloor. Drawing influence from Grime, Drill, Trap and Club Constructions in a hypercolour sonic palate, it's not surprising that Glacci has been likened to artists like Rustie, who he can also count as a supporter of his previous works. Glacci excels in drawing from his influences to create a truly refreshing and unique take on modern electronica, which at times will tug on your heartstrings before transforming those emotions into raw energy.
If Glacci was not on your radar before, he certainly will be.

Aesthetic Kid

All the way from London, we're excited to bring you Aesthetic Kid for his debut US show!
Aesthetic Kid is an ambassador of the neo-grime sound and head of one of the most exciting new labels out there right now (YUNG_LDN). His sets are nothing short of cinematic, blending everything from future RnG sounds to wave music and hip hop for an eclectic dancefloor experience.

(STYLSS // Terrorhythm // Deep Dark & Dangerous) OAK

ONHELL is Los Angeles based composer, producer and DJ, Angel Rubio-Hale. His releases on Plastician's Terrorhythm Recordings and Truth's Deep, Dark & Dangerous, exhibit the breadth of his development within the experimental bass music sphere. Consistently exploring beyond the bounds of the prevalent, he’s highly adept at integrating his influences and inspirations into compositions that are distinctly true to his originality.

(Monarch // PNEUMATIK MOVEMENTZ // Circuit System) SD

A young staple in the San Diego Bass community, SYMTRX is no stranger to filling dancefloors. Although best known for his heavyweight Drum & Bass selections, SYMTRX excels at bridging gaps between many unlikely styles; from breakbeats to footwork and anywhere in between.

(Smoke Siignals // Smoke Sessions) SLC

$5 presale
$10 door